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3 Key Points To Remember After Fire Damages Your Commercial Property

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

Chain Link Fence It's imperative to fence off the building for both safety and security reasons.

3 Key Points To Remember After Fire Damages Your Commercial Property

It's the call no commercial property owner in Champlin, MN ever wants to receive: "Your building is on fire." Once the flames have been extinguished and relative calm is restored, you must begin the painstaking process of damage assessment, cleanup and restoration. Though you should not have to navigate that process alone, it's good to be apprised of the best practices to follow to get everything underway.

1. Why You Need a Fence
After contacting your insurance company, it's imperative to fence off the building for both safety and security reasons. Looters, squatters or curious onlookers may be tempted to explore your property, posing a serious safety risk if your building has sustained structural damage. Even if it is still structurally sound, your equipment, supplies and data may be stolen, adding to the cost, complexity and headache of an already stressful situation. Your insurance company may also refuse to cover those additional losses if you have not taken measures to prevent them.

2. How To Document Losses
After installing your security fence, take a walk around your property with a fire safety or structural expert and take photos, videos, and detailed notes of the damage. Take care not to remove anything before your insurance adjuster has had a chance to assess the damage and file a report. Compile any online documentation or records you may need to give to your insurance company as well.

3. Who To Call
Contact a fire damage and remediation service in Champlin, MN as soon as possible to handle everything from the initial cleanup to the removal of residual smoke odor and soot after repairs are underway. In addition to the physical work they perform, these experts are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the restoration process, so they can walk you through it all, making recommendations and helping you in decision-making.
Knowing where to get a security fence, the numbers you'll need to call and who your go-to professionals are can enable you to effectively roll out a disaster plan if the worst should happen.

Understanding Mold in Your Commercial Building

2/5/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold damage on the corner of a wall Commercial mold damage in Brooklyn Park, MN

Mold spores are everywhere in your building. Because of this, you will never be able to totally remove the mold inside your Brooklyn Park, MN, facility. The EPA has not established mold standards for commercial buildings, but business owners must be vigilant not to let mold grow out of control.

What Situations Encourage Mold Growth?

Mold spores love moisture and warmth. Dark places that are prone to humidity are especially susceptible to mold growth. Situations that should be monitored and checked frequently include:

Areas that have been exposed to water, caused by such things as a leaky roof or dripping faucet
Humid rooms, such as bathrooms and industrial shower areas
HVAC systems and air ducts

Even without EPA mold standards, commercial mold levels should be checked periodically by a professional.

How Can You Spot Hidden Mold?
The easiest way to detect mold that is hidden within walls or in ceilings is by the odor it emits. Mold presents an unpleasant musty smell that is fairly easy to spot. If you discover a moldy smell, a thorough mold clean is in order.

What Is Mold Remediation?
The only way to successfully remove mold from your facility is to call a mold remediation specialist. They will look for black mold and other types of mildew that can damage your building.
The expert will first examine the entire area to make sure all water sources are identified. They will then inspect the premises to find the areas where mold is growing. The moldy areas will be contained to reduce further mold growth.
Using specialized equipment, all affected areas will be cleaned and dried. Then, microbial treatments are applied to surfaces. Air scrubbers also remove a large percentage of the mold spores in the air. Air quality testing can also be performed by the specialists.
While EPA mold standards haven’t been set, it’s important to be on the lookout for problem areas before they get out of hand.