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Commercial Testimonials

Couldn't really be happier given the circumstances of the issue I needed to contact SERVPRO about. Long story short, I had a pipe burst and caused a pretty substantial amount of water damage in one of my properties. They were able to get someone out to me quickly, and the guy they sent did a very nice job. I made sure to get his name so that hopefully this can get back to someone at the company. His name was Michael Beran, and he was very professional the whole way through. He showed up promptly and helped me assess the damage. He patiently answered questions that I had and he got the work done very efficiently. I've worked with contractors in the past and you can tell when they're not in any big hurry to get the job done, but I never saw him taking his time or being distracted, he always seemed to be focused on getting my situation taken care of. That's very appreciated. When he was done, he made sure to answer any last questions I had and I was impressed by how clean he left the work area. Just an outstanding experience all-around. I hope I don't need their services again anytime soon, but I know where to turn if I do.

Demetrius and his staff were extremely responsive and knowledgeable. They did a great job of mitigating the issue and we would recommend this service to friends and family.